Visible light polarizers 420 - 700 nm

ProFlux PPL & PFU series from Moxtek

ProFlux polarizers are designed using Moxtek Nanowire technology to control light and image polarization even in high energy and high temperature applications. Made from highly durable materials, ProFlux provides pure polarization that gives high contrast and a bright image for the life of the projector or instrument.

Nanowire technology
>20° half angle without performance loss
Wavelength and AOI independent

The ProFlux degree of polarization depends little on wavelength and angle of incidence, making these polarizers the ideal choice for various analytical tool applications. ProFlux polarizers have excellent polarization uniformity over large apertures, and provide bright, high contrast, and long-lasting performance. Moxtek’s advanced manufacturing technology is able to manufacture precision polarizers in high volume quantities for projection display, analytical, automotive medical, research, and other applications.

Projection display
Machine vision


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