Arc light sources

Arc light sources have high UV and VIS output with some lines in the NIR. The small bright arcs have significant advantages when used with condensing optics. Arc light sources produce either a highly collimated beam or a small bright focused spot. The high, intense spectral peaks of mercury arc light sources make them excellent light sources for spectroscopic studies. The rich UV output makes them suitable for exposure of many photoresists.

Three lamp housings to operate Xe, Hg and Hg(Xe) arc lamps rated from 75 to 1200 W
Wavelength range: 200 – 2500 nm
High radiance in the UV and VIS
Intense collimated or focused output beams
Close match to a point source
Xe arc lamps are excellent to simulate sunlight

Xe arc lamp light sources are the preferred artificial sources to simulate sunlight. The high color temperature of the Xenon lamps is a close match to the solar temperature. This results in very similar solar spectra in the UV and VIS although the source has some Xe emissions lines in the near IR.

The extensive use of arc lamp sources demands the need for special, rugged adaptable lamp housings and reliable power supplies. The individual light sources of our comprehensive line of 50 – 1200 W arc light sources differs in lamp housing type, condenser optics and power supply.

We offer everything from low-cost, general purpose systems to specialized arc light source systems for diverse applications. A large selection of optical and mechanical accessories adapts the light source to your individual requirements.

Fluorescence, Luminescence and Phosphorescence
Absorbance and Reflectance
Photochemistry, Photolithography
Detection of optical Schlieren
Solar simulation


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