New: Cryogenic Raman microscope for optical table

Raman spectroscopy is a well-known method for measuring the doping, crystallinity and structure of a sample. Our partner Montana Instruments is the first manufacturer who offers a cryogenic Raman microscope mounted on an optical table. Thanks to its open architecture, the system can easily be modified and amended.

The cryostat has five viewing windows of which only one is needed for the microscope. This opens great opportunities for a wide range of experiments installed on the optical table.

The cryogenic microscope is based on the well-renowned Cryostation s100 CO. High collection efficiency is provided by a 0.75 NA objective. Several comprehensive options allow the easy modification of the system to individual requirements.


  • Temperature range: 4 K – 350 K
  • Spectral range excitation: 532 nm or 785 nm (other lasers upon request)
  • Camera: CCD with up to 95 % sensitivity

More informatioan about the closed-cycle-optical-cryostat


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