Compact ellipsometer for fast sample mapping

Compact ellipsometer for fast sample mapping theta-SE

With the new theta-SE, Woollam offers a spectroscopic ellipsometer that combines very fast sample mapping with high-precision “dual-rotating element” technology in a very compact design. The footprint is no larger than that of the compact Alpha-SE and thus only slightly larger than a 300 mm wafer. Additional bulky control units – whether on or under the table – are not required.

Substrate dimensions

The patent-pending automated dual-theta rotation stage enables complete 300 mm mapping. The high sample throughput is achieved by fast point-to-point translation, fast automated sample alignment and the dual-rotation ellipsometer technology (for continuous data acquisition). Automated data analysis and integrated reporting allow push-button operation and provide quick access to measurement results.This allows, for example, 150 measuring points on a 300 mm wafer to be scanned within a few minutes (including data analysis).

Spectroscopic ellipsometer theta-SE

Here are some of its parameters:

  • Spectral range: 400 nm to 1000 nm
  • Number of wavelengths: 190
  • Detection: CCD
  • Fastest acquisition rate for a complete spectrum: 0.3 s
  • Spot size: ~250 µm x 600 µm
  • Data types: Spectroscopic ellipsometry, generalized ellipsometry, Mueller matrix
  • The theta-SE has everything you need to quickly measure sample uniformity with a view to film thickness and optical constants.

In a compact package the theta-SE ellipsometer combines the power of spectroscopic ellipsometry with 300 mm uniformity mapping – at an affordable price.



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